Our Waxing Course training course teaches you how to perform waxing treatments, covering all basic waxing including areas such as, leg, bikini, under arm and facial waxing, using temporary methods hot and warm wax. This course is open to complete beginners or existing therapists, no previous experience required to attend.

Beginner Waxing Course, using temporary methods hot and warm wax

Duration: 1/2 Day. From 10am - 2pm or 2pm - 6pm (flexible hours and evening classes)

Cost: £150

Requirements: This course is suitable for beginners with no previous experience or for an experienced therapist to add this training to what they already offer. Students must be 16 +

What will the course cover?

Anatomy and Physiology (to include) Structure of the skin, the structure of the hair and hair the growth cycle
Health & Safety (Consultation, Contra-indications, Contra-actions and Health & Hygiene
Prescription waxing – choosing the correct type of wax for your client
Warm waxing and hot waxing practical
Areas taught; brows, upper lip, full legs, underarm and standard bikini area
Aftercare advice and how to start up your own waxing clientele

What do I need to know before I start the course?

All products will be provided for you on the course day. You will need to have at least 2 weeks’ body hair growth (legs, underarm and bikini area) as you will be working on each other during the course.

Please make sure you have showered/bathed the morning of the course but no moisturiser to be worn. We recommend you bring your own pack lunch.

DRESS CODE – You may wear a therapist tunic if however, you do not have a tunic, professional, comfortable attire.

Will I need to bring any materials?

Just a pen. All equipment, materials, and products will be supplied for the duration of the course.

Is the course accredited?

This course has been written to NOS (National Occupational Standards) and the therapist will be able to obtain Public Liability insurance. It is accredited by Professional Beauty and The Beauty Guild. The course includes a certificate.

How will the course be taught?

Understanding theory and practical demonstration, followed by students working together on each other to practice techniques.

How will the course be assessed?

Observation of practical skills during the course, along with oral questions to clarify understanding.