The manicure is one of the most widely practiced beauty treatments Our Manicure Course will guide you through the entire manicure procedure focusing on the natural nails. The course covers filing, shaping, cuticle work and relevant massages, for a comprehensive understanding of the manicure process.

Manicure Training

Course Duration: Half day from 10am - 1pm

Dress Code: Please wear professional attire

Course costs: £100

Certification: Certificate for my chosen system, (NSI Acrylic). Accredited by Professional Beauty and The Beauty Guild.

Course Details:

What will the course cover?

Manicure procedure, benefits, and techniques
Massage mediums and routines
Enamelling applications and techniques

How will the course be taught?

Half day Understanding theory and practice demonstration followed by students working together on each other to practise techniques.

How will the course be assessed?

Observation of practical skills during the course along with oral questioning to clarify understanding.

Is the course accredited?

Accredited by Professional Beauty & The Beauty Guild. The course includes a certificate for your chosen system which will enable you to obtain liability insurance.